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National Self-Care Day

Yes, there is a national self-care day. Self-care is that important that a day was chosen to raise the awareness of self-care for health and wellness in our lives. It became a national day in 2011. This day symbolizes that self-care can be done anytime in a 24 hour day 7 days a week. It's a reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves. In the United States, Resolution 515 of the 113th Congress declared July 24th as International Self-Care Day. This year's theme is a campaign focusing on the #SelfCarePromise theme. This theme encourages people to actively take control of their health and wellness. Its focus is to make a personal commitment to embrace a specific self-care action.

As a self-care advocate, I know how important self-care is to all of us. With the students I have worked with who have experienced major trauma to every day individuals. Simple acts of self-care is not indulgent or selfish. It is a responsibility to our overall well being. It is not the once a month spa day. Its every day. It's finding those nuggets in our day to be still and do something for ourselves.

I am committing to walking more. I love being in nature, and I know the physical act of walking is good for my overall physical health as well as my mental well being. What can you commitment to on this International Self-Care Day? I would love to hear!

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