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Breathe Your Worth

Join Jaci Bieser and I for a beautiful evening that will allow you to breathe into your self-worth. This special evening will begin with a grounding meditation to help you tune into yourself using the elements of nature. From there moving through gentle movement, intention setting, restorative poses, sound healing, journaling, and so much more. 

The evening will gently unfold allowing each modality to help you release emotional burdens and fears allowing you to find inner peace and self-love. Come with an open and willingness to allow yourself to feel your worth and beauty with yourself. Bring a yoga mat, and a beach towel for restorative poses.

July 25, 2023

6-7:30 pm

Cavalier De LaSalle Park

100 Percy Drive, Bourbonnais

Investment is $35

Venmo - @tamigalbreath

Other payment options are available; just reach out 

Sacred Healing Circle

Join Crystal and Tami for an extraordinary evening filled with transformative practices. The Sacred Healing Circle invites you to gather with like-minded souls in a nurturing and supportive space, where you can unravel the layers of your being and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.


Prepare to be immersed in a tapestry of healing modalities designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Our evening commences with gentle yoga, guided by Crystal and Tami, who will expertly lead you through a sequence of gentle postures, cultivating a sense of harmony and balance within. Through the fluid movements of yoga, you will awaken your physical body and invite a deep sense of relaxation and presence.


Along with the yoga session, we will delve into the transformative power of journaling. Guided prompts will encourage introspection and self-reflection, enabling you to explore your emotions, desires, and dreams. Through the act of journaling, you will uncover insights and release any stagnant energy, fostering a deeper connection with your authentic self.


Prepare to be uplifted by the enchanting melodies of Kirtan, a devotional practice involving call-and-response chanting. Led by Crystal, the soothing rhythms and soulful chants will resonate within, allowing you to experience a profound connection to the divine and your innermost essence. The collective energy of the circle will amplify the transformative power of this ancient practice, creating a space of unity and harmony.


As the evening unfolds, you will be guided into a guided meditation, an exquisite journey into the depths of your consciousness. Through guided visualization and mindfulness techniques, you will be gently guided to release any emotional burdens, fears, or blockages, and reconnect with your inner peace and wisdom. This meditative experience will support your healing and give you the opportunity for profound self-transformation.


The Sacred Healing Circle culminates in a sumptuous restorative savasana, enhanced by the soothing aromas of essential oils. Nestled in comfortable and supportive yoga props, you will surrender to a state of deep relaxation and allow the rejuvenating energies of the practice to permeate every cell of your being. The essential oils will further enhance your experience, soothing your senses and promoting a deep sense of tranquility.


Come and join us for this sacred gathering of healing and transformation. Open your heart, connect with your inner wisdom, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. The Sacred Healing Circle awaits you, ready to embrace you in its loving embrace and guide you towards wholeness and well-being.


Bring a yoga mat, if you have one, and any props that will support you in finding comfort while laying on your back (i.e. pillows, blankets, yoga bolster, etc)

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