Yoga for Healing

October 18th 2-4pm

Align Light Yoga, Kankakee, IL

The entire experience of practicing yoga can help individuals find union between seemingly disconnected and challenging aspects of the self; allowing participants to slowly build the pieces into an integrated whole. This session offers the student a safe space facilitated by empowerment-based language to gain greater awareness around restoration and mindfulness.This workshop will allow the student to re-connect with themselves. Grounding poses, gentle movement, journal work, essential oils, mudras, and crystals are all a part of this practice. Restorative Yoga will be included to fully allow the body to relax.

All levels welcome, no experience needed.

Investment: $30

Weekend of Renewal

Coming this spring a Weekend of Renewal

April 2020

Friday - Sunday

Intimate Retreat

Yoga, Walking, Meditation, Prayer, Bible Study, Reflection, and so much more.