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Summer Solstice 2021

The summer solstice for 2021, is June 20th. This is the official start of summer in the Northern hemisphere. It's when the sun stands still. Summer is my least favorite season, as I do not enjoy the heat. I never have unless I am in the water. As a kid, I loved bike riding, swimming, and playing with my friends outside. I always preferred to be in or near the water when possible. As I have become an adult, and studied more and learned about the seasons I appreciate each season for the change, renewal, and what it brings to me. Summer brings a sense of patience. As it often feels as though its over quickly, and the heat can be brutal in the Midwest it is important to remain patient in the moment. I am pondering if that is another reason I am not fond of summer as it represents patience, which is something I lack. During this season of summer, and within my personal season patience is what I need.

This is a time for personal growth, a time to pause and wait for the energy we planted in spring to reach full bloom. Patience. There is that word again. It is a time for our souls to open to the light and see the possibilities. It is a time to celebrate and honor connection to the inner fire that keeps us alive. Its abundance. Embrace love, laughter, clarity, and compassion. A few ways I am embracing the solstice are: 1) Clearing out the old for the new (cleaning out a closet or drawer 2) Playing like a kid (full laughter and all) 3) Having a summer treat (icecream for me)

Lastly, I am making a prayer tree. I am specifically putting prayers for those who need healing physically or emotionally on my tree. I am praying for peace and good health.

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