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Spring is in the air

Each season brings something new. As someone who lives in the mid-west I love the changes of the season. Spring, where I currently live is providing longer days, warmer temperatures, and a time of renewal. It's an exciting time to see the geese and birds returning to the area, children outside playing, and flowers getting ready to pop out of the ground. The spring season often brings about rain, which washes the old away for the new to begin.

Spring is a beautiful time to spring clean and declutter. I don't know about you, but I love the process of cleaning my home and decluttering. It feels so freeing and cleansing. I start with a deep clean of each room which includes going through drawers and closets. Sorting as I go. Items to keep, items to sell, and & items to donate. Each room that is completed feels so new again. It so refreshing. It's a time to get out into nature more. I tend to stay inside more during the cold wintry days and hibernate. As the temperatures rise, I love to get in nature plant my feet in the grass and feel the earth beneath my feet. Going for long walks is so good for my physical and emotional body. It's a time to eat lighter foods, and drink more water. I slowly begin to transition from hot teas to cold teas. Its slow but intentional process. I begin to start planting and adding flower pots to our home. It's the beginning of a beautiful renewal.

Do you have any spring rituals you do?

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