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Restorative Yoga is my Jam

Its so interesting because I truly love taking all forms of yoga with a variety of yoga teachers. I learn so much from each one. Its one of the reasons why when I travel that I make sure I take a yoga class wherever I am. Every teacher comes with a different approach, spirit, and so many gifts. Recently, I had been doing this internal fight with myself about the style of yoga I wanted to teach. It's almost like I wanted to prove to myself and others that I can teach a variety of styles. I mean really? Why do I need to prove anything? I am known for teaching Restorative Yoga and it really is my jam! Its the form of yoga that truly changed my life. One of my yoga teachers recommended I take training with Judith Hanson Lasater right after I completed my 200 hour training. This was many years ago, and I still refer back to those notes and teachings from that training. I have continued to attend workshops and office hours and study with Judith. Her teachings have proved valuable to myself and to the students I teach.

I fell in love with Restorative Yoga because it truly is a gift. Its a gift we give ourselves. For me, settling into a restorative pose and letting go is one of the greatest self care moments I can give to myself. Just knowing I am in a safe space and being fully supported allows me to breathe, release, and receive all that I am deserving of. I know that these teachings I share from a trauma informed background are healing. I love trying different versions of a restorative pose and seeing how it feels in my body or my student's body.

One of favorite restorative poses is supported forward fold. Taking a couple blocks, books, bolster, or blankets and folding forward. Allowing the props to support my body, and breathing into the back of the body. Can't you just feel the release? Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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