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Listening when the universe gives me signs

I do believe that when we quiet the mind, and simply listen there are subtle signs that we need to hear. Sometimes when we are so busy doing we miss out on these signs. This past weekend has shown me little signs left & right. During a healing session I visualized purple rain and the purple showed up in my meditation class. I spoke with my Grandmother on the phone on Friday and spent the day with my Mom on Saturday. I also have been praying deeply for my Mom, daughter, and & I. The same meditation class that showed me purple had some deep correlation to Mothers/Daughters. I was looking for a new journal and one was gifted to me. A dear friend suggested some journaling, and I just haven't been feeling it. During another morning of meditation, I discovered a writing meditation. WOW! This lead me to a writing class. The amount of journaling I have been doing the last several days. I know I am just rambling here, but there has been so many signs from God this weekend. I am grateful that I have been slowing down, being present and really listening. Listening to my inner knowing. Listening to God. Listening to the signs. I am working on some deep healing right now. Its powerful, beautiful, and amazing.

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