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I am back!

It's been, 2 years since I wrote a blog, and even kept up to date on my yoga page. I began teaching less yoga and sharing less with others about mindfulness practices in this way. I can tell you I really missed it. I missed writing blog posts, teaching, and sharing. The last two years were full of several leadership roles in volunteer capacities as well as my professional career in Safety. So, although I have been practicing all the mindfulness practices I have shared with you over the years, I have had limited time to blog and share.

As I have settled into my role at work and some responsibilities with volunteer work have subsided I am excited to get back to all the these things that I love so much. I am still active in my community, but have moved on from some leadership roles allowing more space. I hadn't updated my website in two years that it took me two hours to make the minor tweeks I needed to make. Now, I have a list of changes to do! One step at a time.

I am looking forward to sharing with you more about all the things with this intention as the days and weeks go by. I will say that my mindfulness and intentional practices have served me well the last two years. I

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