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Deep Connection

I really love getting to know people and learning about their experiences and what their hopes and dreams are. Sometimes it is over a cup of tea at my local starbucks or its a full day of shopping in small towns. Those moments are precious to me, and live deep within my heart. I like to be intentional with my time, because I know how precious and short life can be. I am a busy professional with a full so schedule, so I don't take these times for granted. Sometimes I just want to share everything that is happening in my life, because I am so excited for our time together. But, truly what I care about is what is happening in their lives. Learning about their dreams, hopes, desires, and fears fills me up. i truly cherish these moments.

i am so honored to know many amazing women of all ages. I can learn so much from those in my life and those I come into contact with. Cherishing long term friendships like I have with my friend Bev is a gift. Recently we were shopping in a small town called Chatsworth, located in Illinois and the shop owner was amazed we had been friends since 2nd grade. Keeping in mind Bev and I have this ongoing debate if it was 2nd or 3rd grade, which obviously doesn't truly matter. These long friendships are like coming home. We could go months without seeing one another and maybe communicating briefly with a text or two, but when we are able to reconnect the time together is full of deep love and gratitude. Through the years we have been through a great deal together and I feel blessed to have such an amazing friend.

Having young women in my life, like my neighbor Emma is a gift from God. She is like my adopted niece and truly a blessing. The more I get to know her the more in awe I am of her. I know God brought her and her family into our lives to bless us. Her uplifting spirit and gentle manner remind me to look at life through God's eyes and that God is always guiding me and holding my hand. What a gift she is to me, and I am grateful for the time we spend together.

Connecting with old friendships, neighbors, my local barista, or a complete stranger is how my cup gets filled. Listening. Praying. Being present. These are all things I cherish. You just never know when a random conversation with someone is going to turn into a new friendship or deep connection. Keep connecting friends, as we are all already connected in spirit.

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