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Connection With Others

Connection with others is so vital to our well being. We all need connection. We each need it different ways, but we need connection. There is connection to family members, friends, our communities, and more. Connection for me is having those special people in my life that I can share my dreams, hopes, and sorrows with. They are the people who don't judge me, and accept me for who I am. They are the ones who lift me up when I don't even know if I can be lifted up. I grateful I have amazing people like this in my life. I have different people I turn to for different circumstances from work to personal issues. Not one person can be the holder or the safe space for all my needs.

Connection for me is also means helping those who don't know how to find services, or organizations in their community to assist them. Local communities offer many services from agencies to support groups for a variety of issues. Many times people are unsure where to go, and I want to be that safe space that someone can ask where they should go for a particular service or assistance. I enjoy guiding and sharing the necessary opportunities available to others. As a volunteer advocate for sexual assault and domestic violence I understand how holding space and a listening ear is crucial to guiding and supporting so many.

This last week I was reminded of two people who are such gifts in my life. One is my friend, MaryAnne, we have been friends since taking some classes together back in junior college. She is a source of strength, compassion, love, and genuine support. My husband, Andy is always there supporting my causes, dreams, and needs. Who are your people? Who do you connect well with? Or who can you deepen your connections with?

With connections, sometimes misunderstandings and miscommunication can come. But, I do believe if we reach out using face to face conversation or a personal phone call we can work through these mishaps. I have found that text messages and emails although great for many forms of communication can lead to hurt, misunderstandings, and drama even when that is not the intention. I have been on both ends. I have been the receiver and the sender. For me, working through those misunderstandings with compassion, love, and a genuine desire to listen is critical. How about you? How do you work through such misunderstandings?

Deep connections take time and commitment, but I think its so worth it.

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