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Connection in nature & with friends

There is something about Spring and connecting with nature. I had the opportunity to spend the weekend hiking with two of my really good friends from grade school. There was conversation during the walks, but when there was silence on the walks it was so beautiful as well. We listened to the birds, the rustle of leaves as a chipmunk or squirrel would hurry by. We looked at various plants and enjoyed the fresh air that we had been longing for. In the mid-west we have long winters and being able to be outside in the fresh air is such a gift. The State Park in Brown County, Indiana was just the place for this beautiful connection to the earth and our friendship. With each step, I felt an awakening within myself. I was reminded why I love walking and fresh air so much. I love the connection to all that God has created, and its so wonderful to see all that is in nature. Walking is a time of mindful mediation and it stirs at my heart. Enjoying this beautiful weather and time with good friends is refreshing.

Connection with friends is so good for our well-being. We need friends to listen, encourage, lift us up, cheer us on, and have conversations with us. These connections are important and can help us grow. I am grateful for the strong friendships I have. This weekend was filled with nature, shopping, wine tastings, & much needed conversation. I hope you can find some time in nature and with your friends.

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