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This is a word that keeps coming up over and over in my world. It something I have worked really hard on during the last decade. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes well I need more reflection. Boundaries with regards to work and various relationships is important. Always saying yes and holding space for others can deplete you. As a self-proclaimed self-care advocate I know how true this is. I know when I am physically, mentally, and emotionally depleted. I also understand how to take care of myself when I get to those spaces. More importantly, if I take good care of myself with lots of love, this depletion happens less frequently. One strong boundary I set for myself was how much teaching of yoga, meditation, etc. I teach. As a full-time Safety Supervisor, my schedule can be demanding. As much as I love my position and I really enjoy teaching yoga, meditation, and various other modalities I found I was teaching so much it depleted me. I would teach at multiple studies, private events, private lessons, free events and so much more. Something that I loved was depleting me. Students & studios were reaching for me to teach, and I was simply exhausted. I now, teach only what/when/where I want. And I feel so much lighter. I am enrolled in a boundaries course that starts next week, and I am excited to learn more and apply these principles to my life.

One thing I have had to learn the hard way, this year, is that sometimes another person needs to set clear boundaries with us. It is not always easy, and can seem harsh and painful. And while that is all true, we must respect where they are in their journey. These boundaries can create a deeper and more meaningful connection and relationship if we allow it. So, if someone needs space or time, we must give it. We don't always know what another person is going through, even when its someone we are close too. There could be some tough walls up, allowing the space allows them the opportunity to work through what is necessary and bring down the walls.

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