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15 Minute Daily Break

How does a 15 minute daily break sound? I know! I hear you! You are running around from work to home to community events. You have kids. You have a significant other. You have errands. A house to clean. You work full-time. You have a part-time job. You work from home. You work outside the home. You are the president of a club. You volunteer. You have hobbies. You have goals. You simply have things to do. Who has time for a break?

You do my friend! I have spent way too many years running around checking things off my to do list. I would often work and accomplish until I was completely exhausted and forced to rest. The overachiever in me couldn't understand how others were tired or couldn't keep up with my ever ending flow of energy. Then I would collapse for a few days of pure relaxation. And I would be right back at it. I look at things a little differently now, which I think happens as you grow and learn. I have learned that taking a 15 minute break during the day, each and every day refreshes my soul and gives me life. My favorite way to take this break is in savasana, (pronounced Sha-VAH-su-nuh) or corpse pose. Yes, this is my most favorite way. Its no wonder its my favorite pose to teach and hold space for.

In my own personal practice I go to my yoga room, and gather up some props. For me, its usually my yoga mat, a bolster for under my knees, an eye pillow, and a blanket to cover up. I set a timer for 15 minutes. You don't even need props. You can use pillows, books, cushions, or anything else you have lying around in the house. I lie down and make all the necessary adjustments to get myself comfortable. I take some long slow deep breaths in and exhale slowly out. I settle in. As thoughts arise into the mind, I acknowledge them. I thank the thoughts for coming forth, and release them. And I breathe. When the timer goes off, I take some long stretches and bring some movement back to the body. This beautiful daily practice is a gift to myself and is a non-negotiable. I have found it works wonders in my daily life. Give it a try for 15 minutes each day and let me know how you feel at the end of the seven days.

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